A Thought About the Law of Attraction

by Jake McPherson


I am an avid follower of many things termed New Age. I study astrology. I don’t merely read horoscopes. I have studied enough to know sun-sign horoscopes printed in the paper are hogwash. I also read tarot cards, and I have witnessed them foretell events with accuracy.

However, from first hearing about it, I have bristled at the idea of the Law of Attraction. Crudely put, the idea of the law is that by maintaining a certain thought coupled with certain feelings, we can influence events. My personal experience with this notion demonstrates that it doesn’t work for me. Perhaps it works for some, but it does not work for me. It has proved fallible time and time again.

I think the Law of Attraction is a self-defense mechanism for humans who find themselves with a lack of control. I am not sure it’s helpful. At its simplest, the law teaches that it is possible for us to manipulate the Universe to give us what we want. Manipulation is control.

What I have learned in life is I lack control for much of what happens. I have also learned not to fear this lack. Instead, I go with the flow.

I have spent a lot of time in meditation, and I asked for clarity today. I also asked for guidance with the meditative process. I start meditation with something like a time of prayer when I ask for circumstances to be favorable for literally everything on the planet and for individuals who are close to me.

I did receive guidance today, and the prayer portion of my meditation was very quick. I thought only words when I had used sentences before. I got to a regular place of deep meditation as happens, and instead of what I normally experience, I was shown scenes of some events I desire.

All this is to say, it is dawning on me that we control very little of the grand arch of our lives. It is important to continue to act on our thoughts and ideas, but there is a time when we must sit back after we have exercised our wills and simply allow events to unfold naturally. We must accept.