Where We Go From Here

by Jake McPherson


I am not a pessimist. If we look at history, there has been steady improvement in the circumstances of humanity.

I am not a cynic. That’s a lazy attitude. It’s also cowardly. If there is reason to feel negative about a matter, then there is human capacity to make it better.

I am optimistic. The human species is improving. It’s not a simple process. It’s like life, happening in starts and stops.

I won’t be surprised if capitalism as practiced in the US is completely dead in a hundred years. Completely. I doubt the system that will replace it is even around right now. We will probably get glimpses of it in the next ten years.

People of color are rising. Great strength is going to flow into all of humanity, because marginalized ethnic groups are finding their voices.

It’s not just marginalized ethnic groups. Other outcasts are speaking up and demanding rights they have been denied. LGBTQ+ people all over the world are loud. Physically disabled individuals aren’t asking for sympathy. They are marching for access.

And women. For thousands of years, men have told women it was more valuable to be able to throw a spear farther than it was to clean the prey brought down by the hunt. Male superiority is so fragile it must rely on violence to perpetuate it.

Women know.

Women know real power is in being open and receptive and creating life from what is received.

When we honor women’s knowing, humanity will be home.

So much of what I see in today’s world is driven by the fear of those clinging to a dying system without the capacity to imagine their place in a better one.